Oxford Public School
Affiliated To C.B.S.E. Delhi
Affiliation Code - 2130440
School Code – 09233

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Rules and Regulation

• Student should be regular, Punctual and in proper school uniform. Fashion accessories are not allowed.
• Attendance in morning assembly, Observance days and annual function is compulsory.
• Remaining absent without application is subject to fine and in case of more than one month name will be struck off.
• Plucking flower and writing on walls are subjected to fine and prohibited.
• Any damage to school property is subject to fine or replacement.
• Student are expected to show respect and courtesy, be polite and live in a spirit of brotherhood.
• No student are allowed to go outside the school premises during school hour without permission.
• Indecent behavior, use of foul language are strictly prohibited and subject to strict punishment.
• Speaking English is compulsory in school campus.
• Fees once paid is non refundable .Fees structure may be revised as per decision of the PTF.
• Student are not allowed to bring valuable articles (Mobile, Camera etc. )